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HSL investigation refutes asbestos claims over safe cement

The Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL) have investigated claims that chrysotile in asbestos cement changes into a non-asbestos fibrous material called Casitile. The claims also suggested that this process is 100% efficient and no chrysotile asbestos remains in the matrix and no release of airborne chrysotile fibres can occur.

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About CMC asbestos

About CMC Asbestos Surveys

CMC Asbestos Surveys are specialists Asbestos Surveyors and Risk Management Consultants with offices in the North of England and the Home Counties.

The CMC Group have over 12 years experience in Asbestos Management, removal and surveying.

Regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 2002 creates a new legal duty to manage asbestos in non-domestic premises.

This duty is on the employer to provide the assessment, whether or not they control the building or maintenence of the premises. The regulations also impose a duty on building controllers and maintenence contract holders to co-operate in assisting an employer with their duty to manage risk.

The new regulations impose a duty on employers to manage the risk of exposure to Asbestos. This is not a new concept. The Control of Asbestos at Work (CAW) Regulations 2002 require that a risk assessment be carried out for all tasks where exposure to Asbestos is likely, and this has been a requirement since they were first issued in 1987.

The first step is to identify the hazard by carrying out identification and assessment surveys (as described by the HSE in MDHS 100 Surveying, sampling and assessment of Asbestos-containing materials).

The employer can then locate and determine what state the Asbestos is in, enabling them to produce a detailed management plan for reducing the risk of exposure to Asbestos fibres.

The effective management of Asbestos will require a robust management system, thus ensuring that when work is commissioned all those involved have enough knowledge of Asbestos. This includes the risk assessment for the task; location, type and condition of Asbestos present. Employees involved at each stage of the management process will also require adequate training, including information about their own roles and responsibilities.

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