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HSL investigation refutes asbestos claims over safe cement

The Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL) have investigated claims that chrysotile in asbestos cement changes into a non-asbestos fibrous material called Casitile. The claims also suggested that this process is 100% efficient and no chrysotile asbestos remains in the matrix and no release of airborne chrysotile fibres can occur.

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Negative Pressure
An atmosphere created in a work area enclosure such that airborne fibres will tend to be drawn through the filtration system rather than leak out into the surrounding areas. The air pressure inside the work area is less than that outside the work area. 

Non friable
Material which when dry may not be crumbled, pulverized, or reduced to powder by hand pressure.

Non friable Asbestos Containing Material (Non friable ACM)
Any material containing more that 1 percent asbestos as determined using Polarized Light Microscopy, that, when dry, cannot be crumbled, pulverized, or reduced to powder by hand pressure.

Nonscheduled Renovation Operation
A renovation operation necessitated by the routine failure of equipment, which is expected to occur within a given period based on past operating experience, but for which an exact date cannot be predicted.

Notification Period
The HSE require that a two week notification period is given work for work carried out to a licensable material. However the HSE Notification Form ASB5 must now be accompanied by the Method Statement and it will take a few days to prepare this. Realistically, one should therefore allow a minimum of three weeks from the date of order for the work to commence.

Numerical Value
Refers to the types and percentages of asbestos present in a given sample.

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