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Latest Asbestos News

HSL investigation refutes asbestos claims over safe cement

The Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL) have investigated claims that chrysotile in asbestos cement changes into a non-asbestos fibrous material called Casitile. The claims also suggested that this process is 100% efficient and no chrysotile asbestos remains in the matrix and no release of airborne chrysotile fibres can occur.

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Serpentine Asbestos
Asbestos characterized by curly fibres with a layered or tiered structure. Chrysotile, or white asbestos, is a member of the serpentine group and is also the most common form of asbestos.

Significantly Damaged Friable Miscellaneous ACM
Damaged friable miscellaneous Asbestos Containing Material where the damage is extensive and severe.

Significantly Damaged Friable Surfacing Asbestos Containing Material 
Damaged friable surfacing Asbestos Containing Material in a functional space where the damage is extensive and severe.

Site Surveillance Technician
Any person who acts as an independent on-site representative of an asbestos consultant. The site surveillance technician monitors the asbestos abatement activities of others, provides asbestos air monitoring services for area and personal samples, and performs building surveys and contract administration at the direction of an asbestos consultant.

Small-Scale, Short-Duration Activities
Operations for which a negative pressure enclosure is infeasible, impractical, or unsafe due to the small size of the task. Examples of these are tasks such as, but not limited to: removal of asbestos-containing insulation from short sections of pipes; removal of small quantities of asbestos-containing insulation on beams or above ceilings; replacement of an asbestos-containing gasket on a valve; installation or removal of small sections of drywall; roofing; other general building maintenance; and installation of electrical conduits through or proximate to asbestos-containing materials.

An instrument which measures the volume of air being expired from the lungs.

State-of-the-art asbestos abatement and control work procedures are those procedures currently in use which have been demonstrated to be the most effective, reliable, and protective of workers' health. As new procedures are developed which demonstrate greater effectiveness, reliability, and worker protection and thereby come into use, they become the state-of-the-art.

To take off Regulated Asbestos Containing Material from any part of a facility or facility components.

The materials or existing surface located under or behind the asbestos-containing material.

Surfacing Asbestos Containing Material
Surfacing material that is ACM.

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