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HSL investigation refutes asbestos claims over safe cement

The Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL) have investigated claims that chrysotile in asbestos cement changes into a non-asbestos fibrous material called Casitile. The claims also suggested that this process is 100% efficient and no chrysotile asbestos remains in the matrix and no release of airborne chrysotile fibres can occur.

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A room between the asbestos work area and the clean room in the equipment decontamination enclosure system where workers shower.

Waste Generator (asbestos)
Any owner or operator of a source whose act or process produces asbestos-containing waste material.

Waste Shipment Record
The shipping document, required to be originated and signed by the waste generator, used to track and substantiated the disposition of asbestos-containing waste material.

Wet Cleaning
The process of eliminating asbestos contamination from surfaces and objects by using cloths, mops, or other cleaning tools which have been dampened with water.

Wetting Agents
Materials that are added to water which is used for wetting the asbestos-containing material in order for the water to penetrate more effectively.

White Asbestos
Otherwise known as Chrysotile. The only asbestiform mineral of the serpentine group which contains approximately 40% each of silica and magnesium oxide. It is the most common form of asbestos used in buildings.

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